North Arm Cove Waterfall

janinerSat, 20/03/2021 - 2:59pm

Waterfall with person for scale
North Arm Cove waterfall

We have been at North Arm Cove for over 30 years but we did not know about our own little waterfall until Mark from KBL Projects told us. We finally went for a look a few weeks ago and there it was, not far from Gooreengi Rd. The drop over the rocks is several metres and there is a small pool at the base. With the current downpour, it is definitely worth checking it out.

To find it, park at the southern end of Gooreengi Rd and walk though the gateway leading to the powerline easement. On Google Maps this is marked as Myers Trail. Do not follow the powerline easement downhill but turn hard left and follow the dirt track south into the bush. A few hundred metres into the bush there is a fork in the road. Stay right. If you follow the righthand track you will soon hear the water. The track becomes very overgrown. Just keep going and the waterfall is off in the bush to the right.


NAC waterfall tip.
Your instructions seemed so great..... our family went in search of it (google maps on the ready). We listened for the bubbling sounds of a waterfall and only heard traffic. Do you think you could pin the location  We love to go exploring again and find this elusive waterfall. Thanks Marianne (0439 412 370)

Location of waterfall is the blue dot in the middle of the map


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