Proposed Changes to Tree Controls


mpicklesTue, 29/01/2019 - 8:48am

Mid Coast Council have voted to rescind tree protection orders at the September meeting 2018.

Consultations have not been declared as yet and the current tree protection orders are still in place. See the notice on Mid Coast Council website.Community's Chance to Comment.

Meanwhile the preservation orders are still in place and residents should make sure that they are clear about restrictions. See Tree Removal and Preservation.

Note that the following trees are preserved and that deal trees also need approval for removal.

Trees which are protected by Tree Preservation legislation can't be removed.

Tree preservation applies to both public and privately owned land within the Great Lakes region of MidCoast Council, as identified in Council's Development Control Plan (DCP).  If you are unsure if your area is covered by the DCP please contact us.

The tree preservation rules apply to trees that meet any of the following conditions:

a)      Is 5m or higher in height.

b)      Has an over-bark girth (circumference) exceeding 600mm at 1m above the ground.

c)      Is a Cabbage Tree Palm (Livistona Australis) that is 0.5m high or taller.

d)      Is any species of mangrove.

e)      Is registered as a significant tree (on the basis of environmental, social, cultural, ecological or habitat reasons or on the tree’s age, size or prominence).

f)       Is part of a heritage item or a heritage conservation area.

The Midcoast Environment Group is making a submission to Council regarding changes in the laws on 6 February. It is worth a read and I will put this up at the next General Meetring.



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