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What is Happening to Oyster Lease OL86/140?


janinerSun, 24/06/2018 - 4:37pm
Derelict Post on OL86/140 at low tide
Derelict post with dolphin in background

The derelict posts on OL86/140 were removed at the beginning of May. Over the following weeks I attempted to count any posts that were visible from the shore. On a 0.5m tide I could see four posts that were missed. Undoubtedly there are more just below the water surface.

There is also a boundary post on the outside section of the lease that has partly fallen over. There is marine growth that is visible on most of the post and only a small area of the top of the post is white. This post would only have a few inches clearance above a high tide and boat skippers should be careful. I understand that the post was reported to DPI some months ago.

According to DPI, the lessee is considering putting floating cages on the lease. There is a very small length of floating cages down the southern end of the lease. It has been there for over a year. Over Christmas, one end came loose and floated around with the winds and the tide. It is now secure. I have asked DPI whether this length of floating cages belongs to the lease but I did not receive an answer.

I have photographed the floating cages- see attached photographs. The cages are dark coloured and of different types, and the material used to help them float is multi-coloured. The whole thing looks rather untidy. Hopefully any future development of the lease will be neat and tidy and visually more appealing.

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