Crispy skin or stewed?

By dougk, 5 June, 2019

Leaving is safest!

How do you like yours? Personally I prefer mine uncooked. My body that is. Being char grilled by a raging bushfire is just not my thing. I don’t want to become smoked ham or stewed prune either. So if the experts say it is unsafe to stay, I’ll be out of here. Early - so I don’t become car-canned bbq ribs. What about you?

The Black Saturday fires of 2009 were horrific. So many poor souls burnt alive; 173 perished, hundreds hospitalised. In ten years what have we learnt?

Well the experts have learnt plenty – but will people listen to their advice? Sadly, it seems many will not!

… research since Black Saturday indicates that many people remain unaware of bushfire risk and will only leave once a fire is threatening. Many regard official advice to leave on days of Catastrophic Fire Danger as impractical and intend to wait until they see fire before leaving. Others remain committed to defending against fires under Catastrophic Fire Danger, despite advice that houses are not defendable in these conditions.

Check out the full article attached below.
Community Protection Planner, RFS Inspector Ian Cook, writes ...

Over time I have tried to pass on informative papers to the residents of the Cove, with the intention of helping them to understand why it is important to sit down either with family, neighbours or friends, and discuss and plan what actions you/they will take if a bush fire is threatening, or likely too. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of being prepared, which is also reiterated in this paper.

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