Are You Sleeping Soundly??

By tonyh, 21 August, 2023
Alien print?

Strange things happen in the wee hours.

I bumped into a long-term NAC resident a week or so back and, in the conversation, he got out his phone and showed me a photo (attached). The picture is one of a series of imprints he found along the foreshore fronting his home in NAC.

The resident has seen these imprints appear three mornings now in around the same place each time. The first sighting was on June 11th with 18 imprints. The second on July 27th with 8 imprints and the third set he saw today (August 21st) with 10 imprints in all. Most imprints are large - about 24cm by 25cm - but smaller 'kiddy' prints have appeared alongside.

They appear to be footprints, but very odd footprints with three prominent toes (at the front?) and four toes at either side forming a horseshoe shape. Ball and heel impressions are absent.

While you are locking your doors, drawing the blinds and updating your wills, please let me know if you have any ideas that I can pass on to the resident. He is very curious to know what's walking past his house (and yours?) at night.

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