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Loal ConroySat, 15/08/2020 - 6:25pm

This is a PDF version of Cove News 1.8.2020. and volunteers have hand delivered a hard copy to most residents of NAC this weekend.  You will notice that if you wish, you can opt to have a copy emailed to you direct in future.  We will endeavour to produce Cove News as and when material / news comes to hand and hope you enjoy being kept in the loop once again.

Click here to download the PDF file. (Try shift+refresh if the file does not display above)


I agree Doug. Those mounds of dirt with weeds look terrible. Maybe we can think of a way of using the fill in a more productive way. Spread it out somewhere else that needs levelling  and grow some natives? We need to discourage council and others from using areas such as the park and the Ridgeway to get rid of unwanted fill.

I'm delighted to see a working bee has been proposed for Yallarwah and around the Hall.

The 2016-17 plan for the Community Precinct had intended for this site to be kept "low maintenance". A quite small band of volunteers began regularly mowing all the grassed areas on both sides of the road, trimming around the buildings and places where the mower couldn't go, as well as stamping out weed growth before it took over. Efforts were underway to have the slope of existing banks made gentler so they could be negotiated safely by the mower.

Then massive piles of earth and dozens of large rocks suddenly appeared in various places across the precinct.  These changes were never part of the plans for the site.  The maintenance workload moved far beyond the capacity of those few volunteers. No longer could you mow right to the edges of the grassed areas. The trimming requirements had grown exponentially.

In our efforts to improve our village, we do need to be careful that any change introduced does not make a rod for our own backs.

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