Fame Cove Update


tonyhTue, 08/08/2017 - 7:03pm

We understand that there is to be a second directions hearing in the Land and Environment Court on September 1st. This is platform provided for the two parties, the owner of the land and the MidCoast Council, to convince the court that they have reconciled differences and agreed to a path toward future co-operation so that further legal process is not necessary.

As you will know, on the insistance of the court,  the owner, Mr Lee, appointed a 'go-between' to take a negotiation role in this process. He has been familiarising himself with the history non-compliances and regulatory abuses associated with Fame Cove development.  He is instructed to meet with our Fame Cove Committee and to update us with the status of deliberations over the future of the land.

However, at this point in time, we have been given no assurances that the future will be any different to the past. We don't know that the quarry DA will be withdrawn. We don't know that the owner is committed to doing things in a way that is any different.

More importantly, we are concerned that the likely outcome on September 1st will be a settlement between the Council and Mr Lee which suits Mr Lee without taking in full consideration of the concerns of the local communities.

With that in mind, you are urged to pass these concerns on to our Council. You are urged to demand that assurances are given that development of the land will be done in an orderly and compliant way, and that the DA for the quarry is rejected by the Council.

You are free to use all or any part of the attached letters in your plea to Council.




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