Noisy News


tonyhThu, 12/08/2021 - 11:34am

We have been warned by the MCC to expect loud noises coming from the Fame Cove property next week. This could go on for some time and is part of the court order impositions placed on the owners, Tea Garden Farms, for site restitution.  

Apparently, a weir was constructed as a thoroughfare near the western shore line instead of an appropriate causeway. The structure is 700mm high and blocks the passage of water run-off into Cove waters. Tens of thousands of dollars of concrete are to be broken up and removed.

So, you can now add ear muffs to your face masks, hand sanitiser and QR code scanner as another essential item for everyday living in the 21st century. Such fun!

Tony H

Correction: I understand the weir is located in the eastern region of the property where run-off goes to the Fame Cove creek - not into the Cove waterway as stated above.


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