Sanderling Avenue Development


tonyhSat, 27/11/2021 - 12:00pm

I expect that many people in our village will have watched the ABC For Corners program broadcast on November 8 which reported on the proposed $100-million development for at least 140 apartments in Sanderling Avenue next to the golf course at Hawks Nest.

Here’s a link to the story if you missed it:

The report resulted in a massive reaction from concerned locals. This has resulted in formally registered ePetition to State Parliament instigated by the Myall Koalas group to protect the area by rezoning it to Zone RE1 Public Recreation.

 To date, it has been signed by over 25,000 .

I understand the petition has no legal standing, but it would be difficult to believe that it will be ignored by state MPs.

If you feel inclined to show support for this movement in it’s bid to save the Hawks Nest foreshore, here’s a link to the petition:

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Tony Hann


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