The Unexplained Returns!

By tonyh, 31 October, 2023

Readers may remember an article I wrote in August describing a set of very odd and very large footprints Cove residents had discovered along the foreshore. 

The prints were huge – about 20cm square. Real Bigfoot stuff - U-shaped with three ‘toes’ in the middle and four ‘toes’ on each side. A total of eleven toes in each foot print! 

There they were - plonk, plonk, plonk along the foreshore.

Since then, those footprints have reappeared at least three times. See photos. They are only apparent in the morning after a low tide during the night. They don't appear in the day during a low tide. We have no explanation as to what might have caused them. 

I have attached a video taken by the residents when, one morning, they tracked Mr Bigfoots prints over the ground.

Another set of prints have also appeared in the same area. Only two toes this time and probably easier to explain.


Can anyone with humanoid (or alien) physiology explain what kind of creature could have made either of the two strange sets of foot prints? Please contact me if you have a suggestion. The residents in point are a bit unnerved by their findings and would like their extra-terrestrial  suspicions put to rest.


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