WANTED... spare soccer ball

By Loal Conroy, 14 May, 2023


A call to the Community... there has been an old soccer ball left on the Yallarwah playing field for a year or more that has been such fun for visitors and locals alike.  Unfortunately, this poor old soccer ball has grown legs and gone missing.  If anyone has a spare that they would be happy to donate... Ant and Nat (adjacent neighbours to Yallarwah) are happy to keep the ball pumped and ready for use.  Many thanks.

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1 year 1 month ago

Yes we have a soccer ball. Like us, it's elderly but, unlike us, it stays inflated quite well. AND! there's a white one posing as an ostrich egg stuck in the branch of the eucalypt in the middle of the hall car park. (Do ostriches nest in trees??) To whom should we deliver ours - or do we just leave it in the park? Tony