Wild Weather

By janiner, 4 July, 2022
Overnight wind recording

We woke up to bright sunshine but it was a wild night in the Cove.

Several boats have dragged their moorings and one large cruiser has broken away and ended up in the mangroves at the northern end of the Cove. Many oyster lines have broken.

What has caused the damage? I have attached our weather station graph showing a strong easterly wind overnight. The weather station is protected from the south and west, and we generally miss some of the strong winds. But not last night.


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1 year 3 months ago

After 6 months of waiting we now have Councils consent to commence building our new home.

There will be some tree removal and lots of mulsh If you are interested in acquiring Mulch or fire wood please let me know what you need and we will try to accomidate you.

Please email me at sidmarzouk@gmail.com this will happen in about 2-3 weeks 


Port Stephens Moorings, PO Box Nelson Bay 2315