NAC Tennis Club AGM


tonyhTue, 25/08/2020 - 9:37am

Sixteen tennis club members assembled under the Hall shelter on Saturday for the Annual General Meeting. It was a cold and windy event but a sucess nonetheless with the re-election of our committee plus two new members, Stephen Soper and Pat Brennan, and the retirement of one other, Cheryl Yearsley. My personal thanks to Cheryl for her enthusiasm and support over the last year.

We now have a team of eight on board to battle our way through the coronavirus problems  with the hope that just maybe some of the play constraints will be lifted for the spring and  summer months.

If anyone is considering taking up the sport as a beginner, or at any level, please feel free to contact me (0402 990 999) or any committee member for information.

The meeting minutes are attached.

Tony Hann

Club President


Thank you to all our sponsors including