News from the New Tennis Committee

tonyhTue, 10/09/2013 - 11:09am

New Committee

A reshuffle of committee members at the AGM on 31 August saw Ken Duffey move to Vice President, with Peter Chappelow taking over as President. Ken was key to having our new weather shelter installed by Council at minimal cost to the Club. Kerrian Griffin stood down from the Treasurer position after keeping us in the black and out of trouble for 2012-13. Trish Peters takes over as Treasurer with Sandy Chappelow as Public Officer.Well done all and we hope that our next year is as good as the last.

Social Tennis

Social tennis is currently played 0900-1100 Saturdays and Mondays but as of Monday 7 October, will change timing to 0800-1000. With usually 6-7 men/women players of varying ability, the aim is to enjoy some exercise and a few laughs in a great bushland environment. Beginners are always welcome and practice racquets are available.


Membership fees ($20 single, $40 family) were due 1July 2013 and there are still some renewals outstanding. Renewal slips are available at the court or from Sandy at 152 Cove Blvd.

Working Bee

A working bee on Sat 12 Oct at 1000 will do some general cleanup around the court and community area. All welcome, it should take about an hour!


Thank you to all our sponsors including

Port Stephens Moorings, PO Box Nelson Bay 2315