Same faces but continuing enthusiasm


susancSat, 13/08/2016 - 5:46pm

If you play tennis in the Cove, you are probably getting cheaper court hire fees than anywhere else in Australia.  At the AGM on 6 August, the existing committee was returned for another year, and plans are underway for changes to the practice wall to make an even more useful free sporting facility.

You can read minutes of the AGM below.

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held at 11.00 am on 6 August 2016 outside the Hall


PRESENT:  Pete Chappelow (Chair),  Phil and Sue Anderson, Sandy Chappelow, Susan and Jan Carter,  Carol and Ken Duffey, Len and Cheryl Yearsley.

APOLOGIES:  Peter and Umi Freeman,  Narelle Hall, Tony Hann, Pat Brennan, Fran Long, Karen Thorpe.



Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 15 August 2015 were confirmed as an accurate record and adopted

Moved  Ken Duffey                                          Seconded Sandy Chappelow                                                                               CARRIED


Matters Arising: The auditor’s fee remained at $50.



President’s report – Tennis participation in North Arm Cove appears to have stabilised over the past couple of years, despite many of our earlier efforts to bolster membership.  However, with improved real estate turnover, we are seeing some new people in the Cove and I thought we should link with Maureen Kelly to contact all new arrivals with a ‘Try Tennis’ leaflet.


Income and expenditure remain fairly steady and we remain as one of the most inexpensive tennis club facilities operating anywhere in NSW!  We provide the sole sporting facility for the community and have the respect of Mid Coast Council through their very generous leasing arrangement.


Unfortunately, (but not uncommonly with small clubs) the NACTC is held together and managed by the ‘loyal few’ who love their tennis and realise that they are contributing to the overall social/sporting infrastructure of the Cove and health of the community.


The practice wall has been discussed for years and I recently submitted a grant application in the NSW Government Building Partnerships program for the slab extension and a wire mesh fence and roof.  I have had good feedback and am optimistic that we will receive at least partial funding for the project, which is part of the Community Hall Master Plan.


While the Saturday Social tennis has dropped off slightly, the Monday Men’s has proven successful and continues to thrive despite some winter sunshine absentees.


Finally, I would like to thank you all for your support during the year and look forward to working with you in construction of the new Multi-Use Facility in 2016-2017.  Peter Chappelow  4 August 2016


Moved  Sandy Chappelow                            Seconded  Carol Duffey                                                                               CARRIED


Financial report - The Treasurer, Sue Anderson, offered the following report:  We opened the financial year with funds totalling $1137.22, income totals $2260.00, expenditure $1545.76 giving a closing balance of $1851.46.

The full financial report is available on request.

The Auditor’s report (from Louise Harvey) has been received and a gratuity of $50 accepted.

Sue noted that only players registered with Tennis NSW have access to personal injury insurance.  This seems to be different from the notification of player’s name previously required.  Peter to follow up.


The interest on our term deposit remains at 2.5%


Motion that the report be accepted and sent to Fair Trading

Moved  Susan Carter                                       Seconded  Ken Duffey                                                                               CARRIED


Louise Harvey was nominated as our Auditor for 2016-2017.

Moved  Peter Chappelow                              Seconded  Sue Anderson                                                                               CARRIED


Membership report - Sandy Chappelow noted that at the end of June the membership was 26  (8 Single and 18 Family)  There are 9 outstanding renewals and Sandy offered to follow these up.


ELECTION OF OFFICERS – The President vacated the chair in favour of Len Yearsley. 

Len acknowledged a quorum was present and declared all positions vacant.


Officers elected unopposed for 2015-2016 were:

President – Peter Chappelow (nominated by Ken Duffey,Jan Carter)

Vice-president – Ken Duffey (nominated by Carol Duffey, Sandy Chappelow)

Secretary – Susan Carter (nominated by Sue Anderson, Peter Chappelow)

Treasurer – (Sue Anderson (nominated by Carol Duffey, Sandy Chappelow)

Committee member – Sandy Chappelow (nominated by Peter Chappelow, Ken Duffey)

Committee member – Carol Duffey (nominated by Ken Duffey, Jan Carter)

Committee member – Peter Freeman (nominated by Jan Carter, Sandy Chappelow)


Motion that the Public Officer be Sandy Chapplow

Moved  Susan Carter                                       Seconded  Carol Duffey                                                                               CARRIED


Motion that the Membership officer be Sandy Chappelow

Moved  Peter Chappellow                            Seconded  Ken Duffey                                                                               CARRIED


Cheryl Yearsley proposed a vote of thanks to the whole committee seconded Jan Carter.


Len relinquished the Chair.

Peter read through the Governance Checklist to verify that we had complied with all Fair Trading requirements.


The AGM was declared closed at 11.50 am.


Next General Meeting: 15 October 2016.

Submitted:  Susan Carter


Approved as a true record


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