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Tennis general meeting


susancSun, 01/05/2016 - 7:26pm

Held outside the hall at 11 am on Saturday, 30 April 2016

PRESENT:  S Carter, P and S Chappelow, P Freeman, N Hall, T Hann
APOLOGIES:  P Brennan, K and C Duffey, K Lyall,

MINUTES FROM GENERAL MEETING of 31 October 2015 were confirmed as an accurate record and adopted.
Moved Tony Hann                                 Seconded           Sandy Chappelow                                                CARRIED

MATTERS ARISING Tennis insurance has been followed up by Sandy.

Email from Tennis Australia Mid Feb 2016m- re registration of members with Tennis Australia – Peter emailed a response to say member were reluctant to give out personal details without obvious benefit.  No response from Tennis Australia.

Email From Tennis Australia 13/4/16 re Member protection – no action required

TREASURER’S REPORT The opening balance as at 1 October 2015 was $1631.93.  Total funds held to 1 April were $2249.96 (Newcastle Permanent Statement) plus $10 790 39.(Term deposit).  Membership is 26. 
Motion that report be accepted.
Moved  Sue Anderson                                        Seconded  N Hall                                                               CARRIED

Newcastle Permanent advised that all communications will be by email to Treasurer’s email address.

Community Hall Property Master Plan - changes to the practice court seem to be a low priority of Council at the moment (because of the Merger). The impact on tennis players when the practice court and the basketball hoop are used and the need to move the basketball hoop for safety reasons was discussed. 

Motion: that Peter write to Council with a proposal that the slab be extended, the basketball hoop moved and the mesh cage erected.
Moved  Sue Anderson                                        Seconded  Tony Hann                                                        CARRIED

RFS fire break clearing-Peter noted that the clearing around the court improved safety considerations and that the Ian Cook had been thanked in person.

Court maintenance – Peter will talk with Bill Moller re using Council mower to mow the court area and discuss equipment with Alan Walker.  Algae spraying will be required by mid-year.  Resanding is not needed at the moment.

Next Committee meeting –tba
Next General meeting – 30 July 2016.

AGM – Saturday, 30 July 2016 at 11.00 am

The President declared the meeting closed at 12.00 noon. 

Submitted:  Susan Carter

Approved as a true and correct record.


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