Blooming White Ladies!


bobreidSaturday, 11 July 2020 - 6:16pm

Lady Finger Orchid

Over the past few days I have noticed that white Lady Finger Orchids are blooming all over the Cove. Two areas where there are lots are along the roadside on The Ridgeway, and in the bushland on the western side of Cove Boulevarde just before The Esplanade.

According to, Lady Finger Orchids (Caladenia catenata) are 
"a terrestrial orchid from eastern Australia. The flowers are white or rarely pale pink. The sepals and petals are relatively broad for this genus, and are similar in shape to Caladenia carnea. One or two flowers are produced from a plant, with the flowering from august to October. The plant has a single narrow grassy leaf that grows to 12 cm long by 4cm wide from the base of the plant. The yellow-tipped labellum is white with three lobes. This plant is deciduous and dies back to the ground in summer."



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