East Coast Low - drainage problems?


bobreidSunday, 26 July 2020 - 5:38pm

Cove Boulevarde

This afternoon I spent an hour driving around the Cove between 3 and 4 checking out the road drains, and taking lots of photos of problem spots. There were many places where water was flowing on to the road from roadside drains that had not been cleared for some time, inadequate or non-existent drains, blocked pipes under driveways, water flowing from driveways onto the road and in many places washing gravel onto the road and blocking drains, and blocked culverts.

I took some 200 photos to illustrate the problems, as well as my dash cam video (when I  work out how to download it).

The following two photos show what were amongst the worst problems.

I am going to chase up Council on these problems and send them the photos.

If you had drainage issues today that you think were caused by road drainage please let me know asap and I'll include it in my report to Council. 

According to my rain gauge, since this morning we've had 7.7 inches, or about 198mm, of rain.




Well done Bob,

If you could upload a few more of the photos it would be appreciated.

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