Historical photo #3 - where was it?


bobreidSunday, 10 May 2020 - 9:40pm

This photo was probably taken from the vicinity of about 66-74 Cove Boulevarde and looks to the north.

The first house on the left is 52 Cove Boulevarde, and it is presently being rebuilt by its current owners.

The photo is particularly interesting for Janine and I because it shows our old boatshed - which is the shed with the boat on a slipway next to it just past the house on the left. The boatshed was knocked down and rebuilt about 8 years ago, and the slipway, which was on the property next door, collapsed and was removed about 20 years ago.

Residents who live around where the photo was taken from have been concerned about the dangers of bits of old post sticking up in the mud and people walking on them. You can see where they probably came from in this photo - it shows the old oyster racks which used to come out perpendicular from the shoreline. These types of racks were replaced many years ago by racks a bit further out and parallel to the shoreline - these can be seen in the photo. Unfortunately some of the old posts were not removed and just left to rot away, causing the present dangers of posts buried just under the surface of the mud.




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