Twenty20 Vision


dougkSunday, 26 July 2020 - 10:31pm

It was the early nineties when I participated in my first “2020 Vision” talk-fest. As workshop participants, we were asked to envisage what the world would be like in 2020 and how our organisation should evolve to be best placed to meet the challenges and grasp the opportunities that would be encountered.

We came up with some pretty startling scenarios that our organisation, our nation and the world might face. But the real-life calamitous events of the past 10 months would have horrified even the most pessimistic amongst us.

There was talk at that workshop about sustainability and the risks of climate change. We did not envisage that these issues would quickly become political footballs or that the role of science and scientists would be so comprehensively disparaged and devalued by many of those in power.

I remember expressing my hope that the, then embryonic, Internet would herald a new era of openness and democratisation. I was partly correct in that the Internet has certainly delivered many benefits. Yet I failed to foresee that it would also become a medium for the dissemination of misinformation or that social media platforms would be used to exacerbate hatred and division.

The organisation that ran that 2020 vision workshop no longer exists as an identifiable entity! Clearly things do not always turn out the way one would wish. But planning for the future is always an important task. It is something every community or organisation should be doing. It helps set goals. It helps determine priorities.

Our local community has developed plans in the past and they have been invaluable in prioritising projects and obtaining grants and council assistance.

MidCoast Council say its time, once again, to do a bit of dreaming. They want us, as a community, to look into the near future and well beyond; to say what we value, what we need, and the projects and initiatives we would like to see implemented. Sounds like a good idea to me.

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