Rural strategy update


bobreidMonday, 19 October 2020 - 10:22pm

I recently had a phone call from a senior planner at MidCoast Council about the Rural Strategy. She rang following a request I had made a few days earlier for an update on the timing for the strategy.

The strategy is expected to be released in February/March next year, which is later than the previous advice of late this year. Apparently more work is being put into it to make it more user friendly with extra features such as online mapping.

After the strategy is released there will be a comprehensive engagement program over 2-3 months.

Anyone that is interested in communication and engagement about the Rural Strategy can sign up on the Zoning in Expression of Interest form - just click on the following link:

Council expects to be sending out an email update in the next two weeks on the timeframe for the strategy. 

The best way to keep in the loop about the Rural Strategy is to register via the above link, which will have updates on the strategy.


NONURBAND UPDATE REQUEST for north arm cove. hello I am thomas and I am new to this way off finding out information about nac. nonurban land. would you please let me know if there is a nonurban commitee.

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