OK...Who has been leaving choice little object d'art around our walking tracks? And why?

By mareli121, 25 September, 2023

On my routine walks I have noticed these little rock d'art in placed in choice but discreet spots not far off the tracks I generally walk. I have only found two, but hope to find more! I would encourage more as they are delicately and very well drawn......WELL DONE FUN!

Also....don't forget the fireflies are out - 5:30-6;00PM walks in the bush are the go as there are quite a few levitating around.  



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The other day we were walking down Overseas Way towards the Community Centre and we spotted another rock d'art placed on the top of an anthill. This little rock was painted gold in colour with a drawing of a fierce looking ant titled "Loyal and Brave". I don't know who the artist is, but thank you, each time I spot one of your rock d'arts it livens up my day.

Rock d'art