Contact details for oyster infrastructure washed ashore


janinerTue, 24/12/2019 - 2:54pm

Oyster basket
Oyster basket washed ashore

The oyster farmers have asked us to report any infrastructure that washes ashore off their leases. They will then come and collect their infrastructure. The infrastructure has a dollar value to the oyster farmers but left loose in the water it is a source of pollution, so it is in everyone's interests for the debris to be collected. The basket in the photo washed ashore in early December. It had about two hundred immature oysters which are worth about 0.75c each when mature.

The oyster farmers also asked us to let them know if there is any damage to their infrastructure from storms or boats.

XL Oysters (the southern lease OL86/140) have a web page with contact details. Alternatively you can ring Matt on 0407 224 151.

Sweetwater Oysters (the northern lease OL86/138) has a facebook page. Phone numbers are Hayden 0412 698 683 or Domo 0409 034 001.

Alternatively you can contact NSW Fisheries on 02 4982 1232 or 02 4916 3964 or a local Fisheries Officer on 0427 497 341.

If anything out on the water is dangerous or requires urgent attention you should ring Marine Rescue on 02 4981 3585.


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