Oyster Debris Clean-up


janinerFri, 14/02/2020 - 5:34pm

Black Plastic Casing from Oyster Pole.
Hard and soft black plastics

Below is a message from Matt at XLOysters:

The Port Stephens Oyster farmers are conducting a shoreline clean up on Friday 21st February. 
We have multiple sites around the Port, and North Arm Cove is one of them.
We are aware that there may be some rubbish that has washed up on the shoreline. The purpose of our clean up is to clean not only oyster waste but any waste that may have made its way to your shoreline.
If residents have rubbish on the shoreline by the afternoon of Thursday 20th, we will pick it up by boat the next morning on the high tide
If you could let every one know that would be great
Any questions please give me a call


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