Storms In the Cove


janinerSat, 13/01/2018 - 2:47pm

Storm over Port Stephens
Radar of the storm on Tuesday evening

The Cove experienced storms on both Monday and Tuesday evenings.

The first storm hit just before 8pm and came from the northwest in a line from the Barrington Tops area. Wind speeds were high enough to blow the doors off our neighbour’s garden shed. The thunder, lightning, wind and rain passed very quickly but the storm left us without power for 3 hours. The power flickered a few times before finally dying at about 8pm. It was not restored until 11pm, so it was an evening spent finding the emergency lamps and wondering whether it was worth the effort to connect the generator and the caravan batteries to the house. Of course most of us also loose water when the power goes out, so hopefully everyone had done the evening dishes.

The next evening the storm came from the southwest and was accompanied by lots of lightning strikes and thunder, but the power remained on. The lightning display was spectacular, with huge flashes which lit up the entire Cove and many loud bangs of thunder right overhead. We had hail which lasted for about 15 minutes and carpeted the grass with a white layer. After a hot day, there was a lot of steam. The hail stones were mostly about 10mm but there were a fair number about 20mm and some were even bigger. The trees lost many leaves but the heron’s nest high in a gum tree seemed to survive the onslaught.

All up, our rain gauge recorded about 50mm. With all the hail bouncing about, the actual amount was probably higher. We needed the rain. The grass and plants are much happier and those that were contemplating buying water would be relieved.

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