Thank you SES!

SES team receive $3500 chequedougkSun, 24/05/2015 - 1:22pm

On Saturday Night (May 23) the Cove community dug deep to express its appreciation of the splendid efforts of the SES during those April storms.

A large group of locals formed into teams to try to fathom answers to Maureen Kelly's challenging trivia questions. There was some fast and furious bidding in the auction which followed. Donations also came in from some of those unable to attend on the night.



The SES team participated in the festivities. They didn't win the Trivia but they did  manage to snaffle the big prize in the raffle.



SES's Kryssy Jones (Unit Controller, Harrington) gave an outline of the massive impact and scale of the storm event and expressed, on behalf of SES, appreciation of the generosity of the Cove community. It was the first time in her experience that SES teams had been thanked in this way.


At the end of the night the Mid North Coast SES were presented with a cheque for $3,500 - but when the receipts from all the donations, entry fees, raffles, auction sales and competitions are combined, the final figure is likely to be even higher. Not a bad effort from one small village!






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