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North Arm Cove Public Recreation Reserves

dougkThu, 06/09/2012 - 10:14pm

4, 5. Casuarina Park Reserve
Eastslope Way Lot 4 DP 801855  0.1Ha
Eastslope Way Lot 8 DP 801855  0.108Ha
(plus Cove Gateway road easement between above Lots.)
Adopted plan awaiting design and funding

6. Community Centre Land
The Ridgeway Lot 1 DP 1078418
The Ridgeway Lot 2 DP 1078418

7. Cove Boulevard Reserve for access to water
Cove Boulevard Lot 513 DP 9939  0.053Ha

8. Medina Bay Reserve (Cove Blvd Reserve)
Cove Boulevard Cove Lot 521 DP 613896  0.558Ha

9. Cove Boulevard “loop” (Cove Blvd Reserve)
Cove Boulevard Cove Lot 548 DP 613890  0.267Ha

10. Oversea Way Reserve
Oversea Way Lot 769 DP 613891 0.107Ha

11. Wide Bay Reserve (Esplanade Reserve)
The Esplanade Lot 8792 DP 715241  0.451Ha

12. Heros Bay Reserve (Promontory Way Reserve)
Promontory Way Lot 8508 DP 605376  0.441Ha

13. Promontory Way “loop” (Promontory Way Reserve)
Promontory Way Lot 842 DP 613884  0.155Ha

Water Street Reserve
Road easement adjacent to water only
Adopted plan. Water access component awaiting final design and funding

The road reserve area opposite the Community Hall


In addition to the above reserves there are a number of access easements between properties leading down to the water.

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