Hyacinth orchid


bobreidTuesday, 8 December 2020 - 9:00pm

Blotched hyacinth orchid

Over the past few days I've noticed some pretty orchids in flower near the Community Centre.

The first of these is Dipodium variegatum - the blotched hyacinth orchid. I found it in the garden on the edge of Yallarwah Park.

Hyacinth orchids are saprophytes, which means a leafless plant that obtains nourishment from decaying wood or plant matter, usually in association with a fungus.

Dipodium variegatum have a green fleshy stem 40-80cm high, with a small leaf at the base, and pale pink flowers with purple spots. They have a dense hairy patch on the labellum or tongue - the "landing pad" for insects.

They are found in eastern NSW, and flower between August and January



Some of these orchids are also along Overseas Way and some of the surrounding tracks in the non urban area. However, they are past their best time. It would have been better to see them in late November.

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