Pump Out Dates for Christmas


janinerFriday, 27 November 2020 - 9:54am

Message from Mid Coast Liquid Waste 

Christmas & New Year    
      Pump Out Days    

WED 23rd & THURS 24th   December
WED 30th & THURS 31st December

Merry Christmas to all
From Mid Coast Liquid Waste


I am delighted to become a member of this community hopefull my family and I will be as happy as this experience has been so far.

I had the pleasure of meeting some locals who told me that a boat ramp is on the cards if this is the case can someone confirm this happy information. I am the world's worst fisherman but I hope to get better.

Welcome to our Community. The Covid-19 lockdown showed just how well we can pull together to get through difficult times.

Unfortunately, a public boat ramp may be a long way off. We have been trying to get one for decades. All the possible locations have some problems and we have not yet found a way to overcome these problems without huge expense. But we are still trying!

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Thank you to all our sponsors including

Port Stephens Moorings, PO Box Nelson Bay 2315